How to choose the best local removalists

Moving all your belongings to a new location seems to always be a stressful task and it is unusual to hear someone bragging about a hassle free move. However, there are some guidelines in choosing the best local removalists in order to make the process as smooth as possible.

By choosing a reputable moving company, you minimise your risks and stress associated with moving because they are usually experienced and better organised for the task ahead.

Choose a reputable, trustworthy moving company

The starting point of your selection process is choosing a local removalist firm that has a good reputation in your local area. Good online reviews or a referral from someone you know shows that they moving company are willing to respect a certain quality standard. Check out Google Maps for reviews of local removal companies. These removalists in Melbourne get consitently great reviews on Google Plus.

Some business organisations that movers can below to have membership rules that make them accountable to respect certain standards that will be in your interests such as protection for your deposit, respecting the legal procedures, using licensed vehicles, skilled and trained staff and arbitration or free conciliation in case that something goes wrong.

Firms that are not willing to hold high service standards and adhere to any rules put in place by an industry body are probably are also not willing to invest in their vehicles due to a lack of funds. Unlicensed, poorly maintained, or unsuitable vans can be a hazard on the road and also lack the proper protection for your moving stuff.

Assuming that they are actually insured, they are probably in breach of their insurance terms as well. That means for you as a client that in case of a road accident or if your goods are damaged in transit, loading or unloading, your belongings may not be covered.

Small removalist firms often don’t directly employ their staff and they just rely on casual labour. If the team crew is made up of professionals, skilled, trained and experienced workers, your possessions will likely being treated with respect and care and be well packed for the journey.

A shake of hands and verbal agreement would be enough in a perfect world, but when it comes to your valuable items, not having a written contract leaves you unprotected. We all heard of people looking for a cheap moving deal and regretting their choice afterwards.

A verbal agreement with a “friendly bloke” may turn up into a bad moving experience for you. The guy may not come at the scheduled time or ask for extra cash. At a very minimum, you always should rely on a signed agreement or contract stipulating the service expected, with clear contact details.

The usual questions to ask a removal company

When looking for a good local removalist company to hire for your planned move you would need to contact several firms and ask them a few relevant questions in order to select the best one for you:

  • Do they have a depot or office you can visit?
  • What type of insurance cover do they offer?
  • How long have they been trading and what references can they supply?
  • How will they carry the move in terms of crew size, number of days to complete, time of arrival etc.
  • In case that your possessions will be left in a vehicle overnight, what kind of security they will have in place?

In dealing with a moving firm you always need to use your common sense. Well kept moving vans, professional dressed crews, competent estimators, people open to share references on their reputation are all signs that a firm may be reliable and trustworthy.

How much should you pay?

One important criteria in hiring a local removalist firm is how big are their service fees. You need to calculate your budget and then narrow down your search to those companies that fit your budget range. You can ask for free estimation and quotes from several companies and then choose the best offer, taking also into consideration other factors. Check out for more information on how much to pay removalists.

Small moving firms may ask for small cash but it is worth thinking about your possession safety as you may not like having them just piled in the back of a van without much care by an operator that is not even licensed to freight goods above a certain weight or don’t have the vehicle road legal.

In general, the factors that are affecting the price of a move take in consideration:

  • If you are moving during weekends or peak seasons, at times of high demand.
  • How much stuff you need to move.
  • If you have high value special items that need extra care.
  • If you want the convenience of the crew packing for you
  • How far you need to move your goods.
  • Overnight stays to comply with long distance driving regulations how fast you want the move to happen.

Prices can range greatly for moving depending on the factors above. When evaluating local removalist firms, do not hire on price alone. A low rate may not provide the best value for your money. Also be aware that some companies are using hidden costs to coveting an increase of their final rate. Ask your potential removal company about all the details related to fees and rates.

Tips for the moving crew are totally up to you. Most people would appreciate a biscuit and a cup of tea at least. Getting well with the moving crew may go a long way toward a smoother interaction. Don’t hold back on providing sandwiches at the beginning of the day or a beer at the end, as a sign of appreciation for their service.

Stay away of firms that ask for a sizeable cash deposit or for cash in hand payment. A reliable and reputable removal firm will accept payments by cheques, debit or credit card, instead of cash.

Check their feedback

Before deciding on which local removalist company to hire it is always recommended to check their references, feedback and unbiased reviews from previous customers. You can make your research online on certain specialised websites, such as, for example.

Check insurance details

Ask all potential removalist firms about the type and level of insurance covering your goods in transit. You may also consider arranging extra coverage with your own insurance company. Check out and for information on moving insurance.

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Packing boxes and extra services

Most of the removal companies can lend you packing boxes. This may save you some money, so it is worth enquiring about. You may also ask them if they provide an extra service of packing and unpacking your goods. Check out sites like TradeMe for cheap packing boxes.


By following these few tips on how to choose your local removalist company you’ll increase your chances to have a smooth and hassle free move.